With the new year upon us, it is an excellent time for personal reflection to ensure that we are intentionally moving in a direction that will bring out the best within ourselves. On that note, we have put together three essential questions you should ask yourself and concentrate on to make 2023 an immensely special and enjoyable year.

  1. What is One habit that you need to get rid of from 2022?

We all have behaviours that limit our growth, happiness and success. For instance, being addicted to your cell phone, having poor eating habits late to constantly blaming others, these habits give us short-term happiness but long-term losses. Furthermore, the meaning of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. On the other hand, when we make positive changes, we create momentum in our lives; for example, people who work out tend to have healthier diets than those that don’t. So, give yourself that kickstart to attract better things to you in 2023.

  • What & how are you going to spread more LOVE towards?

Love is a potent energy with healing capabilities; I guess this could be 1 of the reason they say God is love. When we spread love, we create more positive light around ourselves. Or, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. If you are trying to establish the right unit around yourself, start by leading with love. There are many things that need our love, from self-love, the environment or to our human race. There are several people that we unknowingly encounter that are severely hurting; don’t take the power of your touch lightly. In deciding I would like to give you One tip, choose something that will bring out more gratitude within you.

  •  What are two things that you would like to manifest for yourself this year?

Although we live in the now, we are forward-thinking creatures. Today’s thoughts create tomorrow’s conversations and experiences. We are all the farmers of our lives; start 2023 by planting the right seeds for yourself, and don’t forget to water them constantly. To manifest something significant requires a steady flow of healthy and enriching thoughts; this is important to get the universe on our side and help to unleash an incredible zest for life to transform our lives.   

Be sure to write down your answers and put the answers by your bed to read every day when you wake up and before you go to bed. Remember, practice makes perfect!

By Christoff Kyere