April 22nd marks a day that everyone across the world should know and be celebrating, Earth Day.  Although we all live different lives, our world connect us all and makes everything possible. From the oxygen that we breathe EVERY minute of our lives to the amazing sights and colors that take our breathe away. The interconnectedness of our world can only be summed up by one word, astonishment. Have you ever taken the time to think about the things that we all require to survive on a daily basis. It is said that the human body can survive without food for 8 to 21 days however without water we can only last for 3 days. Across the world we have already begun to see water shortages and it is said that if we do not alter our ways the next major war will be over our limited water supply. I share this information not to scare you but to wake more of us up from the bubble we are all living in and fooling ourselves with.

It is a blessing to be able to admire the daily illustrations that appear in the sky or to feel a nice breeze on a hot summer’s day but are we taking these things for granted? If we truly appreciate the numerous and vast blessings that the planet provides us with, we all have to do a better job of saying thank you. If we are sincere about how we feel about our world we should begin to show it through our words and actions. It is one thing to say “I love you” and another to give someone a hug but the combination of both together has a powerful ripple effect. The world is in a critical place and it needs our attention and support right now if we care about our future generations. When it comes to our mass levels of pollution did you know that new reports find “Canada produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other G20 country “.  Furthermore, every year our water levels are rising and one of the repercussions is that our shore lines are receding quickly not to mention that large portions of land are being submerging into the ocean.

This year we would like to challenge you to celebrate Earth Day by making some changes in how you interact with our planet. Below we have provided some suggestions that you can do and share with others to ensure that we all are doing our part to create a positive domino effect for a better environment and future to come.

  1. Our landfills are filling up very quickly and the majority of our waste comes from our addiction to consume. Food waste accounts for a large percentage of the waste we produce, be sure to reduce the amount of food you throw in the garbage.
  • Our love for pretty packaging has lead to several large plastic islands across the ocean. Be sure to reduce your plastic consumption and voice your concern to others including companies you purchase products from.
  • Fresh water is a very precious asset that we all require that is dwindling away by mis & over use, please be more mindful of how you use your water. 

By Christoff Kyere