• January 27, 2024
  • Flight Unit
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Although the new year provides an excellent opportunity to reset & refresh, only a few choose to use the new year as their starting line. As an organization, we believe that it is an excellent time for several reasons:

1) The holiday season provides a time to slow down and be around the ones we love; our relationships are a pivotal part in our physical & mental well-being. This is something that is easy to lose focus of especially in our world of countless distractions.

2) It is imperative to assess our evolution and contributions to our personal & professional lives from time to time.

And 3) Much of our happiness is tied to our growth.

Having the right mindset when starting a new year is essential for creating positive change. It sets the tone for our goals, attitudes, and actions, shaping our interactions and experiences. If we are going to hit our stride in this new year, we must be ready to spread love to create fertile land around us for endless possibilities. Amidst the world’s chaos, conflicts, and greater heartlessness, we must spread love with greater intentionality and view it as our personal responsibility.

Firstly, being grounded in love and compassion is an essential seed for us to plant; it promotes understanding, empathy, and compassion, contributing to a more peaceful community. Even though we each have our dreams & goals, we should always remember that life happens in between. Conflicts can happen quickly, and having the right mindset allows us to approach situations with care, optimism and determination for win-win scenarios. Furthermore, it empowers us to set achievable goals, tackle challenges, and embrace opportunities. Starting with a positive mindset increases our chances of success and fulfillment.

The act of spreading love is the gift that keeps giving as we improve moods and inspire others to do the same. Our acts of kindness have a ripple effect, creating a chain reaction of positivity, tolerance, and acceptance. It not only improves the lives of individuals but also strengthens our community fabric and the quality of our relationships.

In a time where divisiveness, hatred and cancel culture are trending, focusing on love can be transformative. It brings a harmonious energy and allows us to transcend borders and connect with people across cultures, races, and religions. Spreading love brings people together and encourages collaboration. In this new year, we want to challenge you to find ways to touch more lives, including yours.  Start this new year by finding new ways to foster a mindset of love!

By Deklon Roberts