As individuals and leaders, we must recognize the things in our lives that are improving and reducing us. We all have addictions, some positive and some negative, but things that are part of our daily routines. For instance, how long can you go without looking at your social media accounts or phone? Conversely, on the positive side, how often do you compliment others or yourself, for that matter? We are the sum of our habits; therefore, we must recognize that each pattern creates a set of outcomes in our lives. If value our lives we must know that time waits for no man or woman. Furthermore, we all have a responsibility to grab our personal steering wheels and direct ourselves in the right direction.

This brings us to a fundamental question: When did you last assess your habits? We live in a fast pace world, where our days become weeks in a blink of an eye, but that does not excuse us for not taking the time to love and understand ourselves properly. Looking at who we are, is a challenging task, but it is necessary. The human mind is complex and great at avoiding and distracting itself to get us through our days. Consequently, many habits are formed based on our ability or inability to address situations, people, and personal challenges. So today, I want to challenge you to start your spring cleaning by allocating at least 20 mins weekly to self-assess. Below are a few questions to help you during this process.

1.  What thoughts do you find to be most reoccurring?  

b) How can you ensure that these thoughts are making you better?

2.  What is 1 habit that you would like to change?

            b) What are 3 positive things you can do to help your transition?

3.  What are 2 things that you are grateful for this week?

4.  What is 1 area in your life will you commit to being 1% better each day for the next month?

5. What was the biggest learning lesson from this past week?

By Christoff Kyere