January 30th, 2022 will mark the world’s 2nd anniversary of COVID-19 declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). Overnight, Covid has changed the way the whole world interacts with each other. Individuals, families and friends have been physically separated; the term virtual has taking on a new meaning as both workforces and academia have been forced to embrace virtual modes of communication and learning. This virus has changed many of our norms. With no foreseeable end date in sight, it is time that we start to change our perspective on our reality. Although not a new concept, change is something that we all struggle to embrace. Throughout our life one thing that is forever present is change, the more we resist it, the more difficult it will be for us to see the silver lining and be able to adjust, adapt and thrive. There are many negative and positive changes that have come out of this pandemic that we should not close our eyes to. Everyone in the world now has shared lived experienced together and this has granted us a greater sense of healthy habits, awareness of others, humanity & compassion.

The mindset of a leader is one that acknowledges that there are many routes to get to 1 destination, or simply put, there are more solutions than there are problems. In today’s social climate it is very easy to complain, get upset or be frustrated. When we allow our circumstances to control our thoughts, feelings and actions this is a clear indicator that we have given away some of our power to be happier people. We all have the ability to be better leaders within our own lives by turning our lemons into lemonade. Although it may sound nice on the ears, what does that really mean? When we encounter a new obstacle, it tells us a lot about ourselves, from the way we choose to respond, to our actions and our ability to make better future decisions to bring about greater growth and happiness. For instance, if you are late for an important event, do you get mad at yourself and put yourself in a negative headspace? Or do you focus on instant changes you can make that will push you in a positive direction and promote future growth and well being?

Today we at flightunit would like to challenge you not to wait for something to happen to inspire you to take initiative. Be bold, make some changes to improve your outlook on life by looking at the areas in your life that you can begin to make some gradual changes towards to enhance your mindset. Being a leader revolves around believing in the power of change and taking steps (big or small) in a positive direction. The more positive change(s) we can bring about in our lives, the more positive thoughts we will naturally generate and the more positive energy we will emit and feed off of as like things attract. Furthermore, it is important to never forget about “the domino effect”, simple changes can have huge impacts on us, those around us and how things play out.

Although life is not always easy we each have an undeniable light inside of us that can illuminate any room. In order for us to turn on our light we each need to recognize the power of our daily decisions and the immense role we each play in inspiring and influencing each other.

The pandemic has made us as a human race aware of our societal issues that we must come together in order to solve. These critical issues require our immediate attention; from race relations, the environment to our lack of focus on mental health. The times that we are living in will undoubtedly go down in history; the question we must ask ourselves as individual is; will we allow our circumstance define us or will we be author of how we respond to the challenges before us? How do we as a society want to be remembered? As a special group of people that made changes for the well-being of future generations or for being selfish individuals who passively watched things get worse? Everyday we each need to ask ourselves questions that inspire us to live as better leaders and versions of ourselves. On that note I would like to challenge you to incorporate the flightunit Mantra into your day in order to bring out the leader within you,

“I am a leader & I have the power to change outcomes”.

By Christoff Kyere