How nice are you being to others? Do you think covid has created a disconnect among human beings?

Since Covid hit 2 years ago we as humans have struggled to interact with one another. Covid has changed the way we think and has allowed fear to have a dominant presence in our lives. Many of us have forgotten about the important role greeting each other plays in building community. This brings us to the focus of this article; why it is vital to treat others well.

Being nice to others can be one of the easiest, quickest, and most inexpensive ways to keep our anxiety at bay. Kindness calms the mood and takes the focus off of ourselves. There are several ways to reduce anxiety, such as medication, natural remedies, meditation, and exercise but the most natural way is to be kind.

Kindness is an amazing boomerang that comes back. Furthermore, when we exhibited kindness we are releasing positive energy into the stratosphere. Positive acts not only improve our state of mind but it also elevates everyone’s mindset and entire being. The is a reason why they say if you are down to do something nice for someone.  We all must be aware that our interactions and lack thereof create a ripple effect on us and our environments. On that note what type of ripple effect do you wish to have on your community? When people associate you with positive things it increases your frequency, vibration level & connection to the world. We are all sources of energy and our words and actions can prevent bad things from happening and conversely can raise people’s spirits, regardless if we are present or not. There are very limited if any negative side-effects from being too kind!        

To take things a step further, how often do you smile or bring smiles to other’s people’s faces? Neuroscience proposes that seeing someone else show an emotion automatically activates the same areas of the brain as if we experienced that emotion for ourselves. This could range from smiling at someone to giving them a compliment. This information gives new meaning to the famous line “giving is receiving”. On that note do yourself the favor by being kinder to others.

By Deklon Roberts