Responsibility is a rare quality in people these days, making it a precious characteristic one can possess. What exactly is responsibility? “The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.” There is also “the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.” In other words, it is having the ability for someone to be responsible or accountable for something within their control. As mentioned earlier, this is an important quality that seems to be disappearing, and we need to start revitalizing this energy. Many of us live as if our words and actions do not have any impact or implications, whether positive or negative. At flightunit, we want to change this mentality as we believe that; “responsibility brings opportunity”- Christoff Kyere.

Taking responsibility for something positive is much easier than something negative. We, as humans, want to be recognized for creating a positive impact on the world, as it makes us feel valued and good about ourselves. Conversely, we usually distance ourselves from the harmful effects we make as it brings forward shame and feelings of guilt. We believe you should take accountability for your actions, even if it brings out these uncomfortable emotions. Taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable is the quickest and most effective way to be on the right side of change. We grow from our mistakes, and people respect us more for not hiding from the consequences of our actions. Taking accountability is taking one giant step forward to becoming a better leader and a person that you will be able to admire!