Honesty is the building block of all relationships. It is always speaking the truth while being authentic, straightforward and clear in your words. It also is about never lying, never hiding the truth and never intentionally misdirecting others. Honesty is closely linked to trust as well. When you are honest with someone, it shows them that they can trust you with not only their words but also emotions, feelings and actions. Honesty also helps with communication, as it lets you and others feel comfortable having an open dialogue. This type of communication is necessary for all relationships to thrive, whether between lovers, friends, or family. Without honesty, others will not trust you and will stay away from you, making any relationship you are looking to form difficult. Focus on making honesty a staple in any relationship and watch those bonds flourish as you will start to feel more comfortable in your skin, and the other person will know you are a rock and someone they can rely upon!

Some ways to improve honesty:

  1. Be truthful
  2. Reflect on your behaviour and thoughts
  3. Stop trying to impress others
  4. Don’t exaggerate the truth
  5. Accept feedback

By: Sunny Dhaliwal