• October 26, 2023
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Happy October! October is an extraordinary month, in that, like it or not, change is in the air. The weather starts to get cooler, nightfall comes earlier, and we get to experience the magical colours of autumn for a short while. October truly helps us comprehend the saying, “Enjoy every day like it is your last.” With the transition from one season to the next, the weather forces us to appreciate the warmer days and celebrate them.

Change is something that is constant that we cannot avoid; the question is how we handle it. Change is uncomfortable as it forces us out of our comfort zone. It teaches us how to adjust & adapt, which is an essential skill set to becoming a great problem solver and living an extraordinary life. As an organization, we teach leadership & one of our objectives is to help individuals expand their minds in how they perceive things. There are several months throughout the year where change is minimal. During these timeframes, we establish our norms, allowing us to operate thought-free for most tasks. Conversely, it is the opposite when change is present; we must think & push ourselves harder to be successful in those same tasks. For example, driving in summer versus driving in winter, there are new elements that you have to bring into the equation. There are snow storms, slippery road conditions, longer commute times & much more to contend with. In such scenarios, if we wait to change our thinking, it will be detrimental. That said, it is one thing to be forced to change, but it is another to see the need to begin the transition on your own to improve your life & physical and mental well-being.

Most people are satisfied with just doing the bare minimum & only changing when the situation occurs. This is a limited way to think & live as it will bring incomplete results. Although change can be challenging, a pot of gold usually awaits us on the other side. This pot of gold can & will take on many different shapes, from acquiring newfound wisdom, greater mental strength & increased self-confidence, to name a few. These are all astonishing things as they help us discover who we are & what we are capable of. As this month passes, please be sure to expand beyond the changes that will be forced upon you. If your goal is to live your best life, do yourself a favour and think of what you need to do to enhance perspective on things. Always remember, similar to a tree, we all have new branches waiting to grow to multiply our opportunities, possibilities & experiences!

By Christoff Kyere