• January 27, 2024
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When setting goals, it is vital to balance setting ambitious yet attainable objectives. While it can be motivating to have goals that stretch and challenge you, setting unrealistic goals may lead to disappointment and discouragement. There is a song that says “you have to fight for your right to party” & this mentally should be applied when pursuing your goals. By setting achievable goals, you can build confidence and motivation as you make progress. Setting goals is also great for our self-esteem, as we get to see what we are capable of when we put our mind and actions towards our desires.

To become champions of our goals, selecting the right plan depends on several factors, including our responsibilities, level of open-mindedness, support systems, personal aspirations, skills, and circumstances. It is key to align goals with our values, passions, and abilities. During this process, we must schedule time for regular check-ins to see if we are on the right path; this will allow us to get to know ourselves better, observe growth opportunities, and adjust strategies if needed. We must also start to view failure as a way for exponential growth and self-improvement; this will elevate our mindset as we approach challenges and obstacles along the way. By embracing resiliency, maintaining a growth mindset and expecting setbacks, we can take significant steps to become a better version of ourselves while creating our own formula for achieving tremendous success.

By Deklon Roberts