Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)
Dr. King dedicated his life to ending racial and economic inequality. Through his journey he exemplified and embodied kindness & caring. It is clear that this theme was central to his upbringing as we see this in his character and through his messages. Furthermore it had undoubtedly allowed him to have an unprecedented level of understanding and vision of the people he led, taught and influenced. Research shows that teaching social and emotional skills like kindness, caring and peaceful problem solving in schools can have huge impacts on student’s lives and their circles. These skills not only improve our lives but can also create impactful change just as Dr. King did in advancing the call for greater equality. The teaching of Dr. King’s work inspires leadership and shows us all that when we speak and operate from a sincere place we can unify minds and hearts across the globe. That said we would like to honor Dr. King for his endless commitment and effort towards the struggle and emancipation of the oppressed. Dr. King you are a truly renowned hero and your astonishing legacy continues to live on today!