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    Our Mission Statement: To cultivate strong leaders locally to enable progressive change globally

    “Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character, if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”

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    We all know the power of having access to resources. Today we would like to ask for your help to expand and create more opportunities for those in the developing world.

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    What is "Anti-Black Racism"? Workshop

    In today’s social climate, “racism” is a term that we all have become more familiar with, but like a tree, most of us have not seen its roots. Although we are aware that anti-black racism exists, many of us are unaware of the depth of its impact—how deep it roots lie—on the oppression of others.

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  • Inspiring Minds and Developing Leaders

    flightunit Virtual Workshop Series

    Everyone needs help to reach their full potential. Canada's greatest leaders, from the Prime Minister to successful CEO's, all needed support and guidance to get them to where they are today. Every student has the potential to make the world a better place. Through our virtual workshops, we would like to provide them with the right tools to be stronger and more confident leaders.

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  • flightunit's 7-Day Leadership Challenge

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    Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, from lending a helping hand to leading a country. There are many problems that are plaguing our world, from the inequality of racialized human beings (#BlackLivesMatter) to Climate Change. The better we are as individuals, the better the world will be as a whole. Join us and take our 7-Day Leadership Challenge so that you can become a better leader and problem-solver!

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    “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” -Dalai Lama


The Official Student Leadership & Lifestyle Brand

flightunit is not only the name of our organization, it is a proven philosophy for success. We are the official Student Leadership & Lifestyle brand dedicated to developing skills that cultivate strong leaders. flightunit is extremely proud to announce our partnerships with the largest and most diverse school board in Canada, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board(DPCDSB). Each year, our organization enlightens and empowers thousands of students, teaching them fundamental skills to inspire stronger leadership and to aid in their own lifestyle practices for success. We specialize in awareness and enabling students to realize their potential to create positive outcomes in their environments. The landscape of education is changing every day. To increase our impact on students’ lives, we have aligned our methods with the Cognitive Flexibility Theory. This theory focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills beyond an initial learning situation. We believe that this adaptability is what unifies the heart and mind of a great leader.



flightunit brings together the community and allows students to learn from industry leaders and case studies from different occupational fields.



flightunit recognizes that success can be achieved daily and should be experienced in all aspects of life (e.g. personal, academic, extra-curricular, community involvement, etc.).



flightunit encourages our leaders to strive to be better people every day. One of the greatest gifts in life is experiencing progress. Strong leaders require a growth mindset to be able to adapt and make the world around them a better place.

Customer Testimonials

Danney Hamilton


"flightunit isn’t an organization, they are a proven philosophy! There is no such thing as a solo act without support. Christoff shows students that with the right positive unit, anyone can fly high."

Heather Shaw


"The Music Industry Conference was a very valuable experience for our students. They took the opportunity to ask questions of the impressive panel made up of professionals from all parts of the music industry. At the end of the session, most of the students did not want to leave, and continued talking with the members of the panel. It was a very worthwhile day!"

Luciano Di Loreto

OYAP Project Leader / Toronto Catholic District School Board

"Our experience at the Toronto Catholic District School Board with Christoff Kyere and ‘flightunit’ has been overwhelmingly positive and inspiring. They are extremely organized and leave no stone unturned. Every step along the process of the various events we have collaborated on with them has been fun without sacrificing the respect for time and effort. It will be the TCDSB’s pleasure to continue our relationship with ‘flightunit’ for years to come."

Andrea Thompson

Teacher / Brookview Middle School

"I just wanted to thank you for a FABULOUS conference. My students are still talking about it... which says a lot for them to talk. They enjoyed the workshops and enjoyed meeting students from other schools. For me, it was great to finally meet someone who has been so patient with my school and has helped us organize groups of students to attend. Again, thank you!!"

Ed Sedlak & Carmy Pizzoferrato

Instructional Leaders: Student Success & Experiential Learning / Toronto District School Board

"Christoff Kyere and flightunit have organized several events for us (TDSB) over the last few years. Each event was well-organized, high energy, and exceptionally engaging for our students. Christoff and his team are enthusiastic and easy to work with and have always gone above and beyond to make the events special. I can highly recommend Christoff & flightunit!"


Student / YRDSB

"To be honest, the flightunit Boys Club Group is that highlight of my Tuesdays. It is a beautifully orchestrated event that I find increasingly useful in my day to day life. It teaches us how to apply the lesson(s) to our everyday lives by inspiring us to better ourselves and others as well. Thank you flightunit for helping become a leader socially and academically."


Student / YRDSB

You’ve changed my outlook on life and made me grow as a person, thank you flightunit!


Student / PeelDSB

The biggest takeaway that I learned from flightunit is to not put limits on yourself

Kinsi Kahin


- I just wanted to share with you that I had a long conversation today with one of the boys JM, and he was talking about the struggles of living with low socio-economic situation. He shared with me a recent offer he got to make "mad money" not in a positive way of course and he declined it. He said Ms. K, Christoff talked about that type of life style looking good right now or at the moment because you are making money but where does it get you in couple of years. JM said he remembered Christoff's speech as he was deciding what to do and he decided to walk away from it and he decided to find other positive ways. I was so proud of him but mostly for having Christoff make such a positive change in these boys already. This shows the amazing impact the boys group is making. They are walking away with a valuable lessons and applying to their lives. This is great!!!!!

Helen Ho

Program Coordinator / TDSB

flightunit has provided TDSB students with very engaging programs and learning opportunities. Christoff and his team, have organized and ran our Experiential Learning Business Studies student conference and Women in Trade Conference for our Secondary and Junior High TDSB students. In both of these conferences, flightunit has brought in amazing industry speakers to engage students in future career opportunities and have facilitated very engaged and energized filled conferences that excited students about their future. flightunit also provides our board with SHSM certifications to help our students develop skills that they require to be successful as 21st century learners. flightunit’s partnership has been an asset to the Experiential Learning and OYAP department as they continue to always bring new and currently learning to our students.


Our experience at the Toronto Catholic District School Board with Christoff Kyere and ‘flightunit’ has been overwhelmingly positive and inspiring. They are extremely organized and leave no stone unturned. Every step along the process of the various events we have collaborated on with them has been fun without sacrificing the respect for time and effort. It will be the TCDSB’s pleasure to continue our relationship with ‘flightunit’ for years to come.

We Can Work Together

Our vision is to create stronger communities that are empowered and aware, and therefore better able to service the needs of one another. This is achievable through the spreading and embracing of the flightunit concept both locally and globally.

  • Empowering leaders
  • Promoting the benefits of fostering positive atmospheres
  • Promoting authentic connections
  • Promoting positive change

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flightunit isa proudpartner of the T D S B

Feather #1: Me, Myself, and I

We are seldom aware of the power of our own presence. The presence of a single person can alter conversations and drastically change the overall mood. It is important to understand what type of influence we currently have and want to have on others.

Me, Myself, and I is the foundation principle of our “Feather” system. We have chosen this as our first Feather to emphasize the importance of self, self-awareness, and self-development. We believe that in order to advance in life, one must commit to their personal growth. Our daily choices dictate the boundaries of our growth – they can be our road to success or our path to failure. Discovering who we are is no simple task, but when we do, we unlock the keys to our success.

Questions for Reflection:
1) What motivates me?

2) What are my thoughts and beliefs?
a) Am I confident in them?

3) Who do I surround myself with?
a) What impact are they having on me?
b) What do we have in common?

4) Where do my thoughts take me when my mind wanders?
a) Are these thoughts positive and allow me to grow or are they negative and are harmful?

5) What are the major influences on my decision-making process? (e.g. personal success, public opinion, time commitments, ego, media, etc.)
a) Does how I spend my time reflect this?
b) How do these influences enrich me as a person?

Bonus Questions:
This Feather is so important for growth and success, we have provided bonus questions that will allow for a thorough self-examination.

6) Am I honest with myself and others?
a) Can others be brutally honest with me?

7) Am I aware of my mistakes?
a) Am I learning from them?

8) Which has a greater impact on my decisions, fear or courage?

9) Am I able to forgive others?
a) Am I able to forgive myself for my thoughts and actions?
b) Can I face conflict with the goal of reaching a resolution and learning from it?

10) What do I want people to say about me when I am not around them?

Benefits of Feather #1:
There’s an English writer named John Brown who said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Everything begins and ends with us. The choice to be phenomenal or to live a disappointing life lies within our hands. We are creatures of habit – it is crucial that we develop the right habits and a growth mindset for success. With the right mindset we can become unstoppable!

Set 2 goals for yourself to aid in your growth for the current month:

Tips for success:
1) Allocate time to reflect everyday
2) Do not limit yourself

Feather #2: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Our physical, mental, and spiritual health play a significant role in shaping our ability to live life to the fullest. Although we are complex creatures, we are a single mind, body, and soul, and therefore everything we do impacts every aspect of our well-being. It is important to have balance to ensure that we are creating greater opportunities for growth, health, and happiness.

Questions for Reflection:
1) How physically active am I?

2) Do I take the time to learn what I am putting into my body?

3) Do I have faith in a higher power?
a) If so, how am I developing and strengthening my faith?

4) Am I aware of what causes me stress?
a) What do I do to de-stress?

5) Do I have a support system?
a) If so, who is a member of my support system?

Benefits of Feather #2:
When we acknowledge the different aspects of ourselves, we enhance our ability to live enriched lives. Other benefits of being balanced include increased self-confidence, energy levels, and happiness.

Set 2 goals for yourself to aid in your growth for the current month:

Tips for success:
1) Clarify what mind, body, and soul mean to you
2) Surround yourself with people that align with your definition of mind, body, and soul

Feather #3: My World

Our greatest life experiences are usually made by the people that we are with or the challenges that we face. Every day, we have the ability to be better people and to expand our view of the world. What we focus on is what we see. This is why all of our worlds are uniquely different. The people that we interact with can give our lives greater perspective, and the challenges that we conquer can give our lives greater meaning.

Questions for Reflection:
1) Am I making my world a better place? If so, in what way(s)?
a) If not, what should I do differently?

2) What elements make up my world (e.g. social media, music, people, culture, religion, etc.)?
a) How does each element impact my reality?

3) Are the things and people that I devote my time to helping me grow into a better person?

4) What does my ideal world look like?

5) What things do I care most about (e.g. house, people, school, environment, countries, justice, electronic devices, etc.)?
a) Do my actions and interests reflect what I care most about?

Benefits of Feather #3:
Many times in life we miss exciting opportunities and experiences because we have created too small of a world for ourselves to live in. When we expand our world, we create new opportunities and chances for greater levels of growth and gratification.

Set 2 goals for yourself to aid in your growth for the current month:

Tips for success:
1) Take on the responsibility of making your world a better place
2) Be open-minded to new ideas so that you can expand your world

Feather #4: Passion and Purpose

Passion can take a long time to discover but it is worth the pursuit. Passion is one of life’s greatest compasses. It is the driving force behind our purpose in life and has the ability to light up our soul. Passion pushes us and sparks creativity, excitement, ingenuity, and problem-solving. Passion takes on different forms and can be found in many areas of life including relationships, health, dreams, aspirations, interests, and hobbies.

Questions for Reflection:
1) What does passion mean to me?

2) What things am I most passionate about?
a) How do I show that passion?

3) Do my decisions take me out or keep me in my comfort zone?
a) Are my decisions spontaneous or planned?

4) Am I doing enough exploring to discover new passion(s)?

5) Is my passion making me happy?

Benefits of Feather #4:
When we understand what we are passionate about, we can reach greater levels of achievement. Passion gives us the strength to make the impossible possible.

Set 2 goals for yourself to aid in your growth for the current month:

Tips for success:
1) Explore and discover new areas of interests and passion
2) Work to overcome your fears in order to expand your comfort zone

Feather #5: Enlightenment

The human brain is one of the most spectacular things within the universe. When this 3 pound object is on, it has the ‘power to move mountains’ and change the world. When we open our minds to learn our ability to grow as people is limitless. When we embrace a growth mindset it permits us, and those around us to have greater capacity to achieve or as Nelson Mandela put it, “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

1) Do I allow myself to step outside my comfort zone and try new things?

2) Am I surrounding myself with new ideas and interests/concepts?

3) Am I allowing stereotypes to define who I am? My interests?

4) On a daily basis, am I training myself for success or failure?

5) Do I have the courage to partake in conversations on new topics with my friends and/or new people?
a) In what ways might my conversations be limited?

Benefits of Feather #5:
The power of our minds is remarkable, the mind is responsible for our navigational & our breathing systems and so much more. Many leading medical journals (including the National Institute on Aging) have touched on the numerous benefits of learning and mental stimulation including renewing us and starving off diseases such Alzheimer and dementia. There are several ways to stimulate our mind such as; engaging conversation, playing a challenging game, learning to play a new instrument or learning to speak a new language, etc. These acts provide us with immeasurable returns on our lives. Below we have provided a diagram of the circle of healthy living.

The Circle of Healthy Living

Set 2 goals for yourself to aid in your growth for the current month

Tips for success:
1)Keep your mind sharp by learning something new each day

2)Constantly challenge yourself