Start Your New Year Off Right and Take Flight

Start your New Year off right and take flight
With the New Year starting here are some great ways to ensure that you hit the ground running and have a fantastic year!

⦁ Create a fitness plan
⦁ Find a volunteer opportunity
⦁ Create high trust relationships
⦁ Clean your desk
⦁ Write a personal mission statement or mantra
⦁ Schedule more family time
⦁ Don’t let others people’s opinions of you make you become negative
⦁ Get a new hairstyle
⦁ Write your top 10 goals to complete in 2022! Use S.M.A.R.T goals to increase your success rate
⦁ Get in touch with people in your network that you may have lost touch with
⦁ Do something that scares you! Facing your fears builds character
⦁ Find ways to de-stress
⦁ Take & complete the flightunit’s 7 Day Leadership Challenge
⦁ Start saying the flightunit slogan “Soar Above” to create a leadership mindset when responding to your daily decisions

Be sure to select at least 2 of our suggestions and commit to them and your own personal growth and success, great luck on making 2022 a special one!!

by Sunny Dhaliwal