• May 21, 2023
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an American jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her death in 2020. She was widely respected for her integrity, which she demonstrated through her consistent adherence to principles and unwavering dedication to upholding the Constitution. Ginsburg’s integrity was evident in her commitment to impartiality, her advocacy for gender equality and women’s rights, her thoughtful legal approach, her resilience in the face of adversity, and her ability to engage in civil discourse. She became a symbol of strength and perseverance, leaving a lasting legacy as a champion for justice and equality.

Ginsburg’s integrity was rooted in her steadfast belief in the principles enshrined in the Constitution. Throughout her career, she fought tirelessly for gender equality and women’s rights, co-founding the Women’s Rights Project at the ACLU and arguing landmark cases before the Supreme Court. She approached legal interpretation with careful consideration for real-life impacts and consistently aimed to protect the rights of marginalized groups. Despite facing personal and professional challenges, Ginsburg remained dedicated to her work and maintained respectful relationships with her colleagues, showcasing her commitment to dialogue and the democratic process. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s unwavering integrity continues to inspire and solidify her position as one of the most influential figures in American legal history.

By: Sunny Dhaliwal