The month of July is a time to celebrate for several reasons, one being that it is the beginning of summer and another being that it is Leadership Month. Leadership is something that we all need to be more conscious of because it has a massive impact on how we see ourselves and how we operate within the world. That said there are several reasons why I am absolutely in love with leadership as it applies to everyone and it is a total game changer.

I am not sure if any of you have ever seen the movie Limitless featuring Bradley Cooper. For those of you who haven’t it is about a man who stumbles upon a secret pill that gives him superhuman capabilities when he takes it. The main character is able to study and understand different subject matters within days opposed to a life time after taking the pill. He is also able to learn new languages within hours and able to slow things down in the moment so that he can produce his desired outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and after watching it I started to ponder more on ways to increase my ability to be brilliant.

The concept of this movie is still very real and relevant in our fast pace society. When I think about a limitless pill, I immediately see the natural connection to leadership. Although the movie embellishes the instant impact and effectiveness of the pill, leadership can give anyone a superhero strength. For instance, when one truly commits to being a better leader in any area of their life, the change can be felt and seen. Leadership changes our relationships with the world and how we interact with people and things. Leadership is such a powerful title under a simple word and for this reason it eludes many. There are several aspects of leadership which include believing in one self and their unique purpose. Leadership also speaks to the power of collaboration, gratitude, appreciation amongst other important things. As an organization that is dedicated to this vocation, we are happy to share the limitless pill of leadership with those that are ready to take the plunge and embark on a journey of living exceptionally.

With this in mind we encourage you to start being more analytical. The next time you catch yourself making a decision be sure to ask yourself, am I taking this decision with a leader or a follower mindset. Furthermore, what type of ripple effect can I expect, negative, positive or both? On that note we would like to wish you a Happy Leadership Month, be sure to take some time to discover the awesome beast that lies within you!!