Buffalo, New York got hit with a ton of snow as did many places in southern Ontario and the northern United States. One local barber in Buffalo, Craig Elston, is a local hero in his community after the incredible snowstorm that hit the area. Craig, a local barber, opened his shop to the community to let in as many people as possible so they were not trapped in the deadly storm.

Over 30 people were in his shop to escape the harsh conditions outside where an estimated 50 people have died from the winter storm. He fed those in the shop whatever he had. Hot pockets, noodles, and Vienna sausages. He also provided them with sweaters and warm socks to keep them warm, and provided entertainment like cards and even played the Buffalo Bills-Chicago Bears game on tv. It was a difficult time for Craig to stay up for multiple days to ensure friction between people was at a low but he felt it was the right thing to do in order to keep everyone together. His incredible leadership allowed the team to work together as an effective unit, potentially saving the lives of dozens of people.

By: Sunny Dhaliwal