There’s a popular saying that goes as follows; “the world is six degrees of separation.” When you hear that, what does that tell you? For me, this means that although there are 7 billion plus people on the planet, we are closer and more connected than we think. When we watch the news, we are made aware of the numerous problems happening worldwide. When we see these things, we must ask ourselves what the ripple effect is and how this will impact me and those I love. These are very important questions for us to ask ourselves, as many of us don’t realize that we live in an imaginary bubble that detaches us from the world.

Although we may not look or sound like our worldly neighbors, that does not mean we should not value their well-being. In the same way that we rarely think about the numerous things that occur to allow us to breathe, we have to do a better job of being more connected to our ecosystem as it is very fragile. We should not downplay the role we each play in each other’s lives. Regardless of our position in society, no one can control tomorrow’s events or predict whose help we will need and when. Therefore, I encourage you to be more proactive in making a difference, from using your voice to speak up to making a new friend.

As time passes by, empathy and compassion are becoming forgotten about traits. Throughout our day, we can all play a better role in making the world a kinder and more gentle place to live. For instance, if we throw a pebble into a river, although small, we can see an effect; that said be sure not to downplay the power of your words and actions. We all have a limited time on this planet so every day that you have, make a certified effort to make a positive difference, big or small.

By Christoff Kyere