Creating a Back-to-School state of mind for success

As our summer winds down and we begin to transition back into the familiar sights and sounds of school, many of us will be asking the same question: What will this new school year bring about? When we look at questions we have in common with others, we should share our answers collectively. In doing so we can raise and expand our expectations as individuals and as a whole. In times of uncertainty taking the time to acknowledge change is essential to stabilize our thoughts and increase our level of success and growth per situation.  

When change is at our doorstep, it is the beginning of a new transitional period in our life. Change makes us uncomfortable while pushing us to step outside our comfort zone. Change and growth go hand in hand; one does not happen without the other. To add, without the right mindset to accompany us during challenging times, our struggles can severely affect our moods and outlook. Therefore, painting a bright picture for ourselves can be crucial in aiding us, especially when we know we will require extra fuel in our new journey. In light of this, taking time to paint our perfect picture clarifies our goals and helps us stay committed to our desired results,+

.When we encounter a significant change in our lives, we become vulnerable to many emotional states. Transitional periods can be chaotic, overwhelming, and complex, mainly if we do not remind ourselves that the changes ahead are here for our betterment. With back-to-school here, we want to help you and those around you have a wonderful school year ahead, so on that note, we would like to provide you with 2 tips to have a spectacular school year while improving your leadership skills.

  1. Schedule time to envision your success and what it will feel like to accomplish what you set out to do.

Moreover, imagine the type of individual you will become in this process. Everything starts and ends with you; therefore, if you want to become a great teacher one day, you must be a diligent student. The more you do this; it will help you to embrace the changes around you and the regressive thoughts that will try to attack you on your road to victory.

2. Share your hopes/dreams for the new school year with those around you and ask them what their goals are.

Together we are so much more impactful and effective; always remember the quote, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”. Be proactive in encouraging and inspiring others; it will help us to cultivate a winning mindset and raise our positive vibrations that will stay with us forever!

by Christoff Kyere