Alphonso Davies is one of the world’s best soccer players. Currently he is playing for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, he is recognized as one of the world’s greatest at his position. He is just 22 years old but has one of the brightest futures in the sport.

Davies was born in Ghana in a refugee camp as his parents fled Liberia due to a civil war. Growing up was difficult for Davies as the family had to search for food and clean water to simply stay alive. Luckily, his parents applied to immigrate to Canada where the family settled in Edmonton, Alberta. His parents worked long hours to provide for Alphonso and his two younger siblings.

In grade 6 it was apparent to his teachers that he was a gifted athlete. He starred in soccer, basketball, and even track and field and eventually was enrolled in an after-school program for soccer. It was this decision to enroll that put him on the path to becoming one of the biggest soccer stars in the world. He would go on to debut in the MLS for the Vancouver Whitecaps at the age of 15 years and eight months old. He has also suited up for the Men’s Canadian Soccer Team, becoming one of the youngest Canadian players to ever play for the team. He has been an incredible voice for the North American bid for the 2026 World Cup and continues to excel on the field with his incredible skill. He joined the German super team, Bayern Munich in 2019.

It is incredible to see how a refugee from a different country, who for a long period of time didn’t even have Canadian citizenship excels at such a high level. He was able to put his head down and grind to create a better life not only for himself but for his entire family. Just because someone is of a different color or a different background this doesn’t mean they should not be given a chance, people are capable of incredible feats when provided with the right opportunities and support. Let’s all play a better role in giving people more a chance by being more encouraging and open-minded.