flightunit speaker team

flightunit’s speaker team consists of individuals who are highly knowledgeable in leadership and personal development. At flightunit, we believe in having interactive conversations with our audiences. We have chosen this approach because we firmly believe in the importance of creating spaces that encourage our youth to engage, communicate, and collaborate. We use these pivotal interactions to expand and empower students to soar above. Our speaker team is dynamic, energetic, and inspiring. This combination has allowed us to host successful events for both students and professionals alike. We would love for your students to have a flightunit experience!

Founder/Author/Self-Development Speaker
Breathing Life, Positivity, and Growth into the World

Christoff Kyere

Christoff Kyere is the founder of flightunit, a premier Leadership Development Organization. Christoff is thankful for his outlook on life and his lifelong dedication to leadership. He appreciates the benefits that come with possessing a growth mindset and consistent commitment to positively impacting his environment. Christoff has always supported others to flourish and succeed. From being an "Athlete of the Year" recipient on multiple occasions to hosting elite sporting events, Christoff understands the mentality of a winner. He loves to inspire people and wants to provide everyone with more life tools to increase their success, growth, and happiness. He is a huge proponent of education, so much so that he has dedicated his life to this vocation. Christoff is a student and teacher of self-development and leadership. He attended York University where he earned his Undergraduate Degree in Economics and Political Science. He also completed a Human Resource Management Certificate from Sheridan College.

Christoff Kyere's passion for learning and helping others is enormous, and has taken him on many great adventures. He has interviewed elite professionals like international comedian Russell Peters and future NBA-Hall-of-Famer Chris BoshChristoff has also traveled to Kenya to help build schools and teach students. His appetite for life is massive, and it drives him to live a life of limitless possibilities. Christoff is an advocate, mentor, and ally to several disadvantaged groups and he will always be a big supporter of human rights and equity.

Master of Social Work (MSW)
Kisha Elliston, BAH, MSW, RSW

Kisha Elliston

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” No statement could better represent Kisha EllistonMs. Elliston’s passion to help those in need and give back to the community shows in her efforts to lend a helping hand wherever she can. Recognizing the necessity for education, Kisha has completed a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, alongside a Bachelor's Degree in Honours Sociology and a Degree in Legal Administration. Kisha is a registered social worker with nine years of counselling experience, possessing expert knowledge in working with youth, individuals, and families. She has excellent knowledge of the Anti-oppressive practice and Anti-Black racism stratetgy. She is experienced and sensitive in dealing with members of different cultural and racial backgrounds, including visible and non-visible identity categories. Those fortunate enough to have met Kisha attest to being immediately captivated by her extraordinary interpersonal skills. She is pleasant, cheerful, amicable, and unforgettable. Quite easily, Kisha Elliston has found her way into the hearts of all who spend time with her. She is an uplifting and inspiring presence. Even though Kisha may be just one person to the world, to those that know and love her, she has truly left an imprint on their world.

In a society full of endless possibilities and grave concerns, the need for strong leaders is vital to our growth and success as a whole.

Although this call is essential, it constantly goes unheard, and thus widens the gaps of inequality and limits the ability for all voices to be heard.