Start your New Year off right and take flight
With the New Year starting here are some great ways to ensure that you hit the ground running and have a fantastic year!

⦁ Create a fitness plan
⦁ Find a volunteer opportunity
⦁ Create high trust relationships
⦁ Clean your desk
⦁ Write a personal mission statement or mantra
⦁ Schedule more family time
⦁ Don’t let others people’s opinions of you make you become negative
⦁ Get a new hairstyle
⦁ Write your top 10 goals to complete in 2022! Use S.M.A.R.T goals to increase your success rate
⦁ Get in touch with people in your network that you may have lost touch with
⦁ Do something that scares you! Facing your fears builds character
⦁ Find ways to de-stress
⦁ Take & complete the flightunit’s 7 Day Leadership Challenge
⦁ Start saying the flightunit slogan “Soar Above” to create a leadership mindset when responding to your daily decisions

Be sure to select at least 2 of our suggestions and commit to them and your own personal growth and success, great luck on making 2022 a special one!!

by Sunny Dhaliwal