• May 3, 2023
  • Flight Unit

– I just wanted to share with you that I had a long conversation today with one of the boys JM, and he was talking about the struggles of living with low socio-economic situation. He shared with me a recent offer he got to make “mad money” not in a positive way of course and he declined it. He said Ms. K, Christoff talked about that type of life style looking good right now or at the moment because you are making money but where does it get you in couple of years. JM said he remembered Christoff’s speech as he was deciding what to do and he decided to walk away from it and he decided to find other positive ways.

I was so proud of him but mostly for having Christoff make such a positive change in these boys already. This shows the amazing impact the boys group is making. They are walking away with a valuable lessons and applying to their lives. This is great!!!!!