• October 26, 2023
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Dear fellow Human beings,

How do I say so much in such little time? Firstly, I must start by sharing my objectives for writing this piece: for peace, love & justice to prevail. Based on our current times, it is evident that the pendulum has swung too far in one direction. When I speak of this pendulum, you have humanity on one side & capitalism on the other. It is easy to see the influence of capitalism on our society and how it has reshaped our understanding of right and wrong. The term “correct” has now been replaced with “politically correct,” which are 2 very different terms.  One is centered on collecting the facts, while the other is focused on ensuring no one’s feelings get hurt, a virtually impossible task. Political correctness has brought about much harm, allowing for the loudest voices to be heard while proactively trying to silence the rest. It is important to recognize that although we all want to be loved, tough love cannot be omitted from the concept of love. It is always easy to say “yes” to people, but saying “no” also proves that love & growth are present, regardless of the outcomes.

I say all this to present my thoughts on what has been happening in Gaza & Palestine since 1947. There is a real problem here that needs to be addressed, or this war will continue for generations to come. We all have to take some responsibility for the bloodshed of the innocent lives that have been lost. When we open our eyes daily, we choose how we view others. We can view people in many lights, from loved ones, friends to enemies. Most people in our world wake up hating groups of people for no reason other than being instructed to. As we all know, this determines how we treat others. We can no longer allow
ourselves to be manipulated by those with power and sinister motives.

Despite the gross atrocities committed by both sides, it is essential that we, the “advanced society,” recognize that violence only begets more violence. Additionally, the people who suffer the most from war are the innocent; how long will we turn our backs on them? From the past to the present, some people make this world a better place & conversely, those who do the opposite. Many media sources have only added fuel to this fire, creating more hate by not exercising impartiality in their reporting. To add, Politicians on both sides of this war & their allies have put their selfish agendas above humanity & those they serve. When we put our egos aside, we each have a powerful voice that can bring about positive change.

Regardless of what side you are on or your race, we are all human beings, genetically 99.99% the same; let us all never forget this fact. That said, if we can agree that no one deserves to wake up to the sounds of bombs or lose family members to recklessness, we can move the needle in the right direction.
In this situation, the Israeli government has significant power to bring long-term peace to both sides. When it comes to war, there is never a winner; there are only losses to mourn in both the short & long term.

We, the people, must show our will & solidarity for peace for all & support a cease-fire. Contrary to popular belief, wars are ended through dialogue & not on the battlefield. We must demand mediation between the 2 parties; if not, we will continue to endanger many more lives. The parameters of a 2-state solution must be discussed, or war will always be seen as the most viable option. In closing, I ask that you take a moment of silence to remember all the innocent people who have passed away from this & other  wars. We are all here for a brief moment in time; what impact are your voice & actions having on those around you and future generations? We all need to understand that we each play a role within the reality we live in; what difference are you making?

By Christoff Kyere