Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, going to the gym, watching TV, and reading, are just some of the many small, daily habits people have. These small habits can change the course of our lives in the smallest ways, but over time these small habits will build up and lead to something bigger.

The small habits that you do every day can have a tremendous impact on your life. Going to the gym and working out, being conscious about your food choices, and eating less sugar, time can make you significantly healthier. You might not see the impact of these changes right away, but over time they will show. Alone these habits might not seem like they are life-changing, but every little thing counts towards you becoming the best version of yourself. If you crave something sweet after dinner you may want a chocolate bar or some type of candy. Instead of succumbing to your cravings try to consider a small habit change and replace it with berries to halt your desire for sweets in the future. When we make these types of changes, we tell our minds that we are in control of our bodies and not the other way around.

You don’t need to wait for a life-altering event to change your habits. You simply need to set some goals that will drive you forward. Goals are great for getting us on the right path and helping us recognize where we want to be. Furthermore, goals allow us to understand the acknowledge the step necessary to better ourselves.

Although the goal is powerful and catches our attention, the process is what tells us so much about ourselves. If your goal is to lose weight, you can’t simply say “I want to lose weight” and expect to see results. You can’t cut out a doughnut from your diet but still, eat poorly and think that you’re well on your way. Instead, you have to create steps that will develop small habits that will improve you. Going to the gym for at least 30 minutes, eating more vegetables, opting to play sports weekly are all wonderful examples. Our daily decisions are all a part of the processes that will help put us on the pathways to success. The second part of reaching your goals is forming an identity. You need to become the person that you want others to see you as. For example, going to the gym and eating healthy will help form an identity to others that you are health conscious and that you are into your fitness. When we have an identity, human behavior directs our actions that fit those characteristics of that identity. If you want to be known as a gamer, you will continue to play video games. If your identity is that of an athlete, you will continue to play sports and remain athletic. If your identity is that of a writer, you will continue to be creative and write.

There are many ways that our habits can shape us. If you want to learn more I highly recommend reading or listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear!