We all have heard the name Michael Jordan, the man who is arguably the greatest basketball player to ever touch a basketball. Although Jordan was an unbelievable talent it took him 7 years to truly understand the concept of teamwork to win an NBA Championship. To become a basketball “God” Michael trained relentlessly which allowed him to become the leader & captain of the Chicago Bulls Basketball team. In reflecting on Michael historic journey his true challenge was to get himself and the players around him to buy into the concept of teamwork. This process taught “MJ” the principles of teamwork as he had to learn how to both engage and work with his teammates at a high level in order to establish the best cohesive unit in basketball. As an individual he was electric, but as a team they were dominant. This transition did not come easy to Mike and required him to step outside of his comfort zone. In order for Michael Jordan to step outside of his comfort zone he had to recognize the immense benefits of teamwork which clearly outweighs that of individual accomplishments. It is important to understand that upon entering into the NBA Jordan was terrorizing the league and piling up every individual award possible. From rookie of the year, slam dunk champion, scoring champion, defensive player of the year, and MVP titles, it was evident that Michael could do everything except win an NBA Championship title.

When Phil Jackson became Jordan’s head coach he knew that in order for the Chicago Bulls to become a championship caliber team he would have to transform Jordan’s mentality from me to we. This process took about 4 years and during this period Michael had to change his approach in how he interacted with his team members. He had to become a better communicator, this consisted of being able to listen to the concerns of each player as well as, speak to the team goals and hold each player and himself accountable to a higher standard of operating. He had to be more observant so that he could see the strengths and weaknesses of each teammate. Beyond that Michael had to do some personal reflection and soul searching to understand the role he played in both supporting the growth & success of the Chicago Bulls & conversely its downfall.

Through embracing the benefits of teamwork and trusting in each of his teammates the Chicago Bulls were able to win 6 NBA Championship titles and become one of sport’s dynasties. Although Michael was able to win 6 championships the transferable skills sets acquired in becoming a team player enhanced his life forever. Michael Jordan was able to recognize that through being a catalyst to improving his teammates he was able to raise both his individual and their collective value, this helped to cement his legacy as basketball royalty. Throughout your personal journey always remember that to accomplish anything substantial in life teamwork is required or simply put “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK”.

By Christoff Kyere