Every day we wake up, we are very fortunate & blessed to have the presence of choices; our abundance of options allows us to empower our hearts and minds to improve our thoughts, experiences, and outcomes. It is said that life is a sum of our decisions. Therefore, we need to be leaders to acquire a high-level thought process to enjoy life better. Life is not easy and to possess the skills necessary to turn lemons into lemonade is astonishing and attainable. That said, we all need to have a leadership mindset if we want to do this consistently.

To possess a leadership mindset, we first must embrace the concept that working hard is a benefit, not a hindrance to life’s joys. There’s a parable in the Bible that speaks to this and reflects how we operate as a society; the parable says, “the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.” Unfortunately, too many people are looking for the easy way out or quick money. Simply put, the farmer’s mentality is one of a great leader; to put this into greater context, put a farmer anywhere, they will not only survive but thrive.

When a farmer is planting seeds, they know that they must do a good job, or when it comes to harvest time, they are the ones that will suffer. To add, farmers also know that everything happens in seasons and that nothing happens before its time. Farmers understand the importance of the role of patience in relation to their success.

One of the major benefits of being a farmer is that farmers tend to live the longest and healthiest lives. For example, one of my grandfathers, a farmer, lived to be 110 years old. Beyond that, he was very strong and healthy throughout his life.   

We can all learn from the life of a farmer if our goal is to become a champion. Farmers consistently give it their all and understand the importance of detail and being battle-tested. Through experience, farmers adjust to whatever comes their way, as each season brings different challenges and results. Furthermore, farmers don’t live lavish lifestyles but still have a high quality of life. So, to bring out the leader in you, be sure to think and act like a farmer.   

By Christoff Kyere