The world is becoming ever more connected and accepting of people of different backgrounds, sex, race, sexual orientation and more. One group of people that seem to be left behind or still have a stigma against them for being “different” is those living with disabilities. To a certain extent, these people are still seen as different and not a part of society, as if their disability makes them less. We have seen this attitude, and thankfully it has begun to change in the past few decades. One pop star, Viktoria Modesta, wants to continue to push the discourse around people with disabilities.

Viktoria has a prosthetic leg that she got once her leg was amputated in 2007. She now uses her highly stylish prosthetics on stage and in her music videos to make prosthetics and other disabilities art, embracing her “difference.” Her goal is to make prosthetics less “de-medicalized” and pushing others with prosthetics to be more comfortable. Samsung also went for a similar idea with their Galaxy Buds Live, which was made to look like a hearing aid to help drop the stigma some may face when they wear such devices.