Many people ask what is more important to have – talent or a strong work ethic?

Talent is the ability one is naturally gifted with; this makes a person exceptional at one or several things. Conversely, being hard-working is putting effort into doing something diligently and consistently. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Naturally talented people are fortunate because they do not need as much effort to succeed. But if someone puts enough work into something, they can surpass that talented individual and achieve much more. We see this a lot in sports. When we combine the potency of talent and a strong work ethic, we get g.o.a.t such as Michael Jordan & Tom Brady.

A strong work ethic can help build, develop and raise an individual’s talents to surprising success. If one is talented and doesn’t put in the necessary work, that talent becomes useless and, in time, will fade as naturally as it came. Many people demonstrate skills but are less successful than those who dedicate themselves daily to achieving their goals. The simplest example of this phenomenon is imagining that the goal is making a fire. The match used for this task is the talent someone possesses. Lighting a fire becomes comparatively easy. However, a strong work ethic is the fuel that keeps the flame going and makes it shine brighter & longer with every drop.

For one to be successful – talent alone will merely unlock the door. Hard work, desire, commitment and persistence are critical when blowing the door of success open within sports, business and to live excellent life. Do not solely sit on talent and think it will help you succeed; if you want gold medals in life, you have to be willing to put in the work.

By Deklon Roberts