As a student, I feel quadmester’s are incredibly quick and at times very stressful for everyone. In one breathe it has been extremely trying but at the same time I have been able to see some benefits from this experience which include being able to dedicate my time towards two subjects instead of four.

From my perspective quadmesters are very chaotic for both students and teachers alike. From our new schedules to the amount of pressure put upon us, it can be downright overwhelming. Things are incredibly uncertain as not many people have a good idea of what is really going on, including the staff. Although the new school year has been challenging it does feel good to be back in the building. This whole situation has taught me about the need and importance of being flexible.

Moving forward, one thing that is clear is we need more strong leaders who are ready to help push us through these difficult times. Strong leaders can help to calm the tides and influence the way our school and school boards are responding. On that note if you are having troubles with the current system, don’t be afraid to act as a leader and communicate with your student peers, school administrative team & the board; ask questions in order to bring about new solutions and opportunities. It is important to make yourself heard as a leader.

Editorial of the month is by Student- Avery