What is a great work ethic?

It is an inherent attitude that an individual possesses. It allows one to make decisions based on performance that includes elements like integrity, responsibility, high quality, discipline, humility, and teamwork. When we think about successful individuals (ie: athletes, actors, CEO) there is usually one thing that they all have in common, a great work ethic.

Kobe Bryant, the great basketball player used to arrive at practice at 5 a.m in high school and he would practice in the dark on occasion, according to sources. In his professional life, he was known to push himself to exceptional levels. Kobe would spend countless hours in the gym, exercising on his own, consistently going above and beyond even practicing after games. Much of Bryant’s accomplishments and accolades were connected to his undeniable commitment to improving.

Elon Musk worked like a dog. “To accomplish a dream, you have to put in 80 to 100 hours of work a week. If other people are putting in 40 hours a week and you are putting in 100 hours a week, even if you are doing the same thing you will accomplish something in 4 months while it will take them a year.” The next time you look at Musk’s phenomenal success & wealth be sure to reflect on his endless and tireless effort to reach the top of the mountain.

Denzel’s advice to aspiring people or any young person going for their dreams; reject fear and thrust yourself headfirst towards your goals, be completely unconcerned about falling backward, if you are going to fail, fail forward. If we can embrace and embody this mentality, we will always be champions.

With all these inspiring examples we at the flightunit would like to ask you, how hard are you willing are work to accomplish your goals and dreams? If your motivation is low be sure to connect to one of these individuals’ stories or find someone’s story that will drive you. Always remember the amazing thing about work ethic, it is something that can be developed in any person. Furthermore, a proper work ethic is a game-changer and when it is applied to any area of one’s life it can produce extraordinary results.

Make a commitment to yourself to grow and take flight!

By Deklon Roberts